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In Nerds only on March 28, 2013 at 12:57 pm

This is a huge legal black hole that we all have been thrown into. National Security Surveillance State working with Google and Fakebook.. in fact its getting harder to tell them all apart!

Who is afraid of the Open Access Manifesto?

In Nerds only on March 26, 2013 at 12:55 pm

Jeremy Hammond’s lawyer released a statement from him regarding the untimely death of Aaron Swartz and the criminalization of dissent.

Hammond is facing life in jail for hacking Stratfor Corporation.

The release of Stratfor emails revealed the sleazy corruption and hypocrisy of the corporatized surveillance-state.

In his statement Hammond accuses the state of persecuting Aaron Swartz to death because of his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto.

In this manifesto Swartz called for information freedom, saying that information behind a paywall was privileged information that stunted knowledge for all.

Here is a video of his manifesto.

Hammond comments that .. “Aaron’s case is part of the recent aggressive, politically-motivated expansion of computer crime law where hackers and activists are increasingly criminalized because of alleged “cyber-terrorist” threats.. ”

Hammond also notes that ..”federally-contracted private corporations openly recruit hackers to develop defensive and offensive capabilities and build Orwellian digital surveillance networks, designed not to enhance national security but to advance U.S. imperialism.. ”

Its clear to me that Hammond and Swartz stand accused of thought-crime.

The real cyber-criminals are the corporatized thought-police.

Securing your personal tracking device

In Nerds only on March 21, 2013 at 10:29 am

Jacob Applebaum has called cell phones ‘your personal tracking device’.  He should know since having three of his cell phone seized by federal agents and never returned.

Hell he isn’t even legally allowed to discuss what happened to his phones!

Jacob Applebaum gave a very interesting talk to Occupy New York about how to secure your life online from unlawful surveillance from the state.

Its a long talk but well worth listening closely to what he is telling us.  (Part two of this talk describes the practical means of securing your life online).

I don’t want to be a hand-wringing gloomazoid so I’m going to be blogging about the practical suggestions Jake makes to secure your life online.

One of the Android apps he suggested is RedPhone.  This app encrypts your VoIP calls allowing encrypted calling between any user with the RedPhone app installed on their phone.

Its great that this app has gone open source, that inspires some confidence.  While not foolproof it would thwart most of the egregiously gratuitous spying software that is being used unlawfully against us.


RIAA Set For Historic 10 millionth Google URL Takedown

In Nerds only on February 6, 2013 at 8:48 am

The RIAA has issued Google its ten millionth website take-down command.  Meaning that this music corporation association has managed to censor that many web addresses.  Why? because they ‘might’ be infringing on copyright.  So eager have the copyright police been that they have issued take-down notices on their own content!

Warner Bros. had to admit in court that it issued take-down notices on content it never even looked at.  The process is clearly  being abused and outright censorship of the web is taking place at a grand scale.

Anonymous for one has had enough of this corporate piracy.  I feel that these corporations have way too much power and control over issues that have nothing to do with their financial health.

Of course Google is going along with this censorship.  Google’s hands are in as many areas of our lives as they can get.  Google is a classic example of a corporation that has stolen our privacy to sell advertising.  Google’s motto is ‘do no evil’… according to this video Google is the Evil Empire.. ;o)

Anonymous wants DDoS attacks recognized as speech

In Polytricks on January 29, 2013 at 8:36 am

Anonymous wants DDoS attacks recognized as speech.  It has set up a petition on the White House web site.  Anonymous suggests that DDoS attacks are .. “really not much different than repeatedly hitting the refresh button in your web browser”.. (again and again.. ;o)

Anonymous also suggests DDoS is like any other civil disobedience protest like Occupy Wall St.

I think its important to remember at this point that several ‘Anonymous’ members have received long jail terms for DDoS attacks against Scientology.  Really?.. I would have thought that a public service!

Okay.. but seriously civil disobedience is a long and recognized tradition from Gandhi, Civil Rights movement, Vietnam war protests, anti-nuclear protests to Occupy Wall St.

Sure a DDoS ‘attack’ is a disruption of business as usual but that is precisely the point of civil disobedience.

My feeling is that the hysteria surrounding ‘hacktavism’ says more about the contrived paranoia post 9/11 than it does about any real threat from hacktavism.  In fact, in my view,  the real threat to civil society post 9/11 has been from the fascist elite.

Computer security firms help Third World dictatorships censor internet.

In Nerds only on January 17, 2013 at 10:42 am

Citizen Labs released a report showing how a California IT firm Blue Coat is selling technology to third world dictatorships to help spy and censor the internet.  Apparently there are no export controls on selling this technology to dictatorships.  Export bans are only in place against Iran, Syria and North Korea.  So what happens is a ‘third party’ buys the technology and sells it to banned countries.  Meaning there are zero controls over technology that undermines privacy and internet freedom around the world.

One of the startling evidence to come out of Wikileaks was the sale of FinFisher by UK IT firm Gamma International to dictatorships like Egypt and Tunisia to spy on its rebelling citizens.   I posted the Wikileaks FinFisher training videos last autumn.   They are chilling.  Use of encryption for internet privacy is bypassed by trojans with keystroke loggers.  ‘Agents’ infiltrate internet cafe’s and upload spying trojans to the computers via USB sticks.  When the state isn’t spying on you the corporate world is also spying on you for profit.  You never see these corporate or government hackers in a court accused of breaking into someone’s computer, but they are sure quick to throw the book at hactavists… pfffttt!!


Boycott Facebook

In Nerds only, Polytricks on December 21, 2012 at 8:58 am

Facebook is a snare and delusion.  If you join everything you post belongs to Facebook forever, despite deleting your account or setting better privacy settings.  Facebook knows more about you than your family does.  Facebook got its start-up funds from the CIA.  Facebook terms of service  allow it to data mine all information on the internet in your name, in fact Facebook tracks you even if you aren’t on Facebook.  Here is a Facebook parody that is alarmingly close to the truth.

Its really easy to hack a Facebook account.  All you need is the persons name, email address and date of birth.  Since Facebook eagerly provides all this information, any of your ‘friends’ can hack your account.  Facebook promises access to you but provides it to others.  This is its business model.  Facebook is not your friend.  This video shows the money trail to the CIA, Dept of Defence and wealthy right-wing globalizationists.

Has Facebook really brought people together?  Is a Facebook friend meaningful when you can amass a huge amount of them without ever even meeting them in the flesh?  In fact there is an epidemic of fake Facebook friends out there that are actually hackers and spammers that are trying to steal your IP address, computer bandwidth and email address to make money.

The above information should be enough to encourage people not to join Facebook and encourage those on Facebook to join the boycott.  This is the 21st Century.  But its unwise in any century to trust those you don’t know with your personal information.  Its an invitation to be robbed, stalked and betrayed.

Stratfor Hacktavist threatened with life in prison

In Nerds only, Polytricks on December 13, 2012 at 11:54 am

Sure looks like a lot of Anonymous hactavists are being arrested and threatened with huge sentences.  The usual dreary and corrupt practice of plea bargaining seems behind the arrest of Jeremy Hammond.  He has been held without bail and the judge makes it clear that he will not be released and may spend his life in prison.  This is in stark contrast to the lack of prosecution of anybody for bringing down Wikileaks web site in identical attacks to those that the Anonymous accused are being charged with.

The corruption of the judiciary is clearly a factor in these ‘hacker’ cases.  For example an RIAA lobbyist was appointed a judge and served on several ‘file-sharing’ lawsuits and of course ruled in favour of the RIAA.  No wonder these disproportionate sentences are being handed down, when the corporations have the judiciary in their pockets.

Stratfor of course was hardly a legitimate business venture, Fred Burton who is seen in the top video snivelling about being on a ‘fixed income’ actually was in a conflict of interest selling Trapwire to his customers.  And of course Trapwire itself was a naked attempt to cash-in on the post 9/11 “National Security State” hype at $20,000 a pop.  So we have hactavists getting the book thrown at them while these sleazy ‘private security’ boffins rake in the money due to their hyped threat level assessments.. its pathetic and corrupt.

Prosecution of hacktavists in stark contrast to US war crimes

In Polytricks on November 27, 2012 at 9:51 am

Interesting article by Glenn Greenwald in the Guardian the other day.  In it Greenwald contrasts the relentless and unlawful attacks on WikiLeaks by the USG and contrasts it with relentless hounding of the hactavist collective known as Anonymous.  I think its important to remember why the USG is so angry at WikiLeaks.

Remember the video of the appalling murder of journalists in downtown Baghdad?  Even the people who came to help the injured were butchered, children were amongst the casualties.  That happened five years ago. Has the USG prosecuted any of those cowboys for murdering civilians?… Nope,  but they sure hate WikiLeaks for blowing the whistle on their war crimes.

Anonymous has repeatedly launched DDOS protests against PayPal, Amazon, Master Charge and Visa to protest their role in unlawfully freezing funds for WikiLeaks.  The USG has caught up with some of these guys and thrown the book at them.  The damage done by these hactavists in defence of the best whistle-blowing web site in the world pales in contrast to the vile war crimes committed by the USG in Iraq as the above video shows.  Hypocrites!!

I think its important to remember what a DDOS attack really is.  It has been called digital graffiti, a digital sit-in.  A temporary protest.  But hactavists are treated like terrorists??.. pfffttt!!.. Here is a WikiLeaks, Master Card parody… ;o)

New documentary on Anonymous online

In Nerds only, Polytricks on November 2, 2012 at 8:25 am

A new documentary about Anonymous  is online now. The timing is great since we are right in the middle of a war between the army of faceless nerds and the army fascist, corporate reactionaries. Its really hard to tell how this is going to end but my sense is that the corporate pig-state is slowly losing the war.

Some very interesting ideas are covered in this documentary.  Is Anonymous a spontaneous internet army that was dragged kicking and screaming from its playpen at 4 Chan into the big scary world corporate censorship and control? If Anonymous is an internet army, does that mean that the internet is now a nation?  If the corporate pig-state nations try and control the internet will they fall to the combined forces of a united internet users?

The full length documentary is online here.. ( )

The documentary is also very interesting in that it shows what a wild band of scofflaws, anarchists, democrats, civil rights activists, computer nerds, pranksters and juvenile delinquents, Anonymous really are.  There is a very wild and unpredictable side to this movement.  A joyous energy and dark brooding resentment.  They clearly know who the enemy is and they know how to reach that enemy.

I also enjoyed hearing Anonymous’s explanation of what a DDoS attack really is.  They call it a ‘internet sit-in’.  A temporary demonstration of disapproval and protest against outrageous liberties being taken by the corporate elite against ‘our’ internet.  So why are the punishments so extreme?  If you get arrested for temporarily blocking a bank or government office in protest you can expect to spend the night in jail, but if you do a DDoS attack you are in for serious jail time.



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