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The Oldspeak Journal

Oldspeak: “Secret Courts”, “Secret Evidence”, “Secret Interpretations of Laws”, “Secret National Security Directives”, Due process/evidence-free, unconstitutional surveillance, indefinite detention, &  execution of citizens accused of being “terrorists”.  These are classic conditions that exist in totalitarian/police states.  Basic rights assured for hundreds of years,  have slowly in this post 9/11 world have been stripped away. Largely in secret. All while the power of the Unitary Executive expands.”

By Washington’s Blog:

Bush and Obama Have Set Us Back 800 Years

NBC News reports:

Legal experts expressed grave reservations Tuesday about an Obama administration memo concluding that the United States can order the killing of American citizens believed to be affiliated with al-Qaida — with one saying the White House was acting as “judge, jury and executioner.”

Anyone should be concerned when the president and his lawyers make up their own interpretation of the law or their own rules,” said…

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The cult of ‘positive thinking’  is dumbing down the public discourse and creating totalitarianism!  I like Barbara Ehrenreich!  Her video on the dark side of positive thinking is a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of new age hucksters and ‘positive thinking’ bullies.


Do you ever feel like optimism is mandatory in our society?  I do.  And it bothers me.  I believe optimism can go too far.  It can cause us not to see reality and that’s dangerous.  Optimistic thoughts so often become delusions.

I’m not advocating for pessimism either.  And I’m not saying having a good attitude isn’t important.  What I’m saying is that in order to fix problems, we need to see them and understand them, not just shrug them off or justify them.

I once saw an email from my sister to my mother.  I didn’t mean to see it but I did.  She had written to Laura Bush and had gotten a response that she was happy with.  She signed off with a comment about the complaints people have about George W. Bush, then:  “I can’t believe he did any of those things since he worships the same Loving…

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Copywrong police try to threaten Canadians

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The US movie and music corporations have hired Canadian Intellectual Property Enforcement (Canipre), to collect the IP addresses of a million Canadians in preparation for financial shake-down.  Or are they?  Canadians aren’t breaking any laws (in Canada) so these creeps are invading the privacy of those million Canadians!  Shouldn’t someone be suing Canpre for invasion of privacy?  As usual the US movie and music corporations are looking to bully internet users into handing over serious cash.  Here is Barry Logan of Canpre pretending that his company isn’t invading anyone’s privacy since he is only collecting IP addresses (not people).. riiiight..

The status of downloading in Canada is  ambiguous, but hardly as arbitrary and punitive as in the States.  Still hasn’t stopped US courts from fining Canadian downloaders $60,000 fines.  Michael Geist has written an article saying that there is a cap on downloading fines of $5,000.  I would imagine that the already over-loaded Canadian court system is going to grind to a halt if/when the US media corporations come knocking for payola.

If you are interested in the viewing the above documentary (for free) the full version “When copyright goes bad”,the link is..  To me the issue is fairly simple.  Corporations are a legal invention.  They were created to amass money without legal liability.  So its only natural that they will co-opt and lay claim to others work as a means of ripping off the consumer.  These ‘copyright laws’  are a protection racket.  Nothing you buy is your own anymore.  You only rent the increasingly restricted use of your own property.   Its truly ironic that a fictitious legal entity is allowed to legally bully citizens over fictitious ownership.  A “pre-crime” and a “though crime” rolled into one.

Egypt president sacks top judge

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President Morsi sacking of the country’s top judge has set off a fire-storm of protest.  I find it ironic that protesters who brought down the Mubarak regime are now rioting in support of the Mubarak-appointed judges that refused to charge anyone for the murder of almost thousand demonstrators during the Egyptian revolution.  I was amazed when Morsi fired the top Mubarak general Tantawi.  That took real guts.  It also takes guts to fire judges that are so clearly still in the pocket of the discredited Mubarak regime.

Its important to remember that this judge was part of the group that disolved the new Egyptian parliament three short months ago.  What did they expect the president to do?  He has to rule by decree since they have undermined every democratic parliamentary move.  There must be many who are alarmed by a Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, namely Israel and the USG.

This is their worst nightmare come true, their corrupt puppet (Mubarak) is in jail and the anger and resentment of the Egyptian people against the manipulation from Israel and the USG is plain to be seen.  In fact I wonder out loud if the vicious and unlawful attack on Gaza would still be going on without a revolution in Egypt.  Here is a pimer on Islamophobia for Dummies…





Insurance a way to get sociopaths out of positions of power?

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A new idea for getting sociopaths out of positions of power in the financial industry.  We know already that sociopaths are over-represented in corporations and the financial industry.  Now there is a new way to week the psychos out.  Its called ‘fiduciary duty’.  This is the legal duty to put the interests of their clients and investors before themselves.  Now the Facebook IPO scam shows how easily this legal duty can be ‘forgotten’ when there are lambs to be fleeced.  The point is that when screening managers for these industries the insurance companies could simply deem these sociopaths ‘uninsurable’, meaning they would automatically not be employable in positions where they would have to decide between their own self-interest or their clients interests.

Unfortunately the banksters are unregulated and un-prosecuted.  Sure would be nice to see someone, anyone get prosecuted for the huge 2008 scam.  The longer it takes the more people will lose all faith in the ‘system’.  The Gordon Geko school of thought still seems to rule Wall Street.  So maybe making the corporate sociopaths uninsurable would be a start if the government is unwilling to take charge of the massive fraud.

Cos as we know some of the worst sociopaths are running the government.  The ends always justify the means for these conscience-challenged nut-jobs.  Again, laws exist to prosecute this out-of-control leadership but instead we usually end up giving them Nobel Peace Prizes… pfffttt!!..

George Orwell described the world according to the sociopaths.  We simply cannot allow them to control our leadership.




Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, many areas still disaster zones

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I guess it was predictable that the people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy would be let down by the authorities who tax and regulate them.   Some of the problems are bureaucratic red tape by power companies unwilling to turn the power back on without an electrical certificate.  Really?   Teams of electricians can’t be sent into these neighbour hoods prior to power being restored?  This video went viral, it shows how two weeks after the superstorm the most powerful country in the world can’t even get basic aid to their suffering people.

I just find that its hard to believe that this is the best that local, state and federal authorities can do.   Hurricane Katrina has already showed that there was two disasters, first the hurricane then second, was the relief ‘effort’.  You would think that the vast military equipment and manpower available should have arrived in two weeks.  What is the hold-up?.. Why do sad videos begging for help have to be made?  Why has the corporate media abandoned this story?

The above video shows wide-scale damage and almost zero government help on the ground.  Many more are going to die because of this incompetence and neglect.  You just can’t expect local non-profits to deal with this kinda devastation.





Health Canada quietly reverses BPA warning

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Two years ago Health Canada caved to the overwhelming evidence that BPA was hazardous to public health.  Now quietly this past month Health Canada has reversed itself and claims that ‘studies’ show its safe for everyone, even babies!  I guess the Food Industry put some nice payola into the right off-shore banking accounts.  To hell with public health!  Let the Food Corporations reign!

So what happened?  This about-face took place with almost zero publicity.  The Health Canada press release is full of baffle-gab and bullshit.  Only at the very bottom in the conclusion it states “current dietary exposure to BPA through food packaging uses is not expected to pose a health risk to the general population, including newborns and young children… ”  Oh really?  There are some articles  about this about-face in health blogs but a deafening silence in the corporate media, quelle surprise.

SCoC rubber-stamps corrupt Harper Election

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I blogged last week about how the Supreme Court of Canada was dragging its feet to rule on the crucial case of the ‘election’ of  Tory MP, Ted Opitz in Etobicoke Centre last general election.  So yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that his election was legitimate.  It ruled 4-3 that fraudulent and/or missing voter registration certificates were  ‘administrative errors’ and not serious enough to overturn the election of the Tory MP.

For the record I would like to dissect this case to the bone, as the corporate media and 4 of our top legal beagles seem mysteriously unable to do some simple arithmetic.  Opitz ‘won’ by 26 votes.  The Ontario Supreme Court threw out 79 of those votes because registration certificates “were missing or never existed.. ”

Supreme Court of Canada, arithmetic-challenged

So 13 months after the general election,  Elections Canada bustles into the Supreme Court of Canada claiming to have “found” that 44 voters in Etobicoke were valid because those ‘names’  had voted in previous elections, (so what??.. in what way does that validate their lack of registration at the polling station??… pfffttt!!)

But at least 17 of those ‘valid voters’ had voted somewhere else than Etobicoke which whittled down those 44 valid voters to 27.  Now one of the 44 was quietly dropped because he/she had obviously (and illegally) voted twice at the same station.  That whittles the ‘valid voters’ down to 26, (the amount that Opitz won the election in the first place).  But who is to say that those ‘valid’ voters didn’t vote for other political candidates??

But the numbers game is all moot.  What really happened is that the SCoC established voting rules don’t apply when a Harper majority government is ordered.  The rules state that you show your identification, establish that you are on the voters list for your riding, then you get your vote counted.  So what the SCoC is saying to Canadians is that you can have your vote counted in a Federal Election even though your registration certificate is fraudulent or missing upon examination.

Well yesterday’s ruling  just removed all doubt in my mind that the most corrupt election in Canadian history was fixed, and now its rubber-stamped by our Supreme Court.  We no longer have a separation of judicial and legislative authority in the country.  We have a one party state, ruled by venal sock-puppets, fronting for foreign corporate oligarchs.

Starbucks, the mega tax cheat

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Another reason to despise Starbucks. They pay no tax in the UK despite making billions in profit. How? Well its all perfectly legal, ‘business losses’ are a legitimate tax write-off. But the curious lack of payment of ANY tax at all in Britain in the last 3 years has many British tax payers crying foul, (not to mentions their under-paid barista’s who you can be sure are compelled to pay their taxes.  This no-tax game is also being played to the hilt by Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.

The ‘optics’ are all wrong on this one.  All over Europe ‘restraint’ budgets are raising personal taxes  to pay the corrupt banksters.  And curiously, all the while,  multinational corporations are getting an extended tax holiday.. hmmmm… makes you realize how badly we are all losing this class-war.. ;o)

(this guy lost his job for posting this song on Youtube.. way to go Starsucks! .. pay your fricken taxes ya phony crooks!)

Carmen Aguirre

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I just finished reading Carmen Aguirre’s book “Something Fierce“.  Wow!  It was recommended to me by a friend and I must admit I reluctantly opened the covers… then I couldn’t put it down.  Its an amazing life story of a woman brought up in the resistance to the regime of Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet.  I have blogged already about the two-faced reaction of the West to crimes against humanity of Pinochet versus the alleged crimes of Assange.  Carmen Aguierre tells us what it is like to have your country, family and life destroyed so that Anaconda Copper can have cheap access to your country’s copper reserves.

I so admire this woman.  Her honesty, courage and humanity shines through her book.  She says in the interview below that South America’s struggle for freedom has been going on for hundreds of years.  It was very poignant for me to read her say that despite decades of struggle, the resistance lost the war against Pinochet.  She says that the Chilean coup was an ‘experiment’.  A corporate coup that had nothing to do with socialism versus capitalism.  It was a naked resource grab and a warning to the rest of South America not to resist the corporate takeover of their lands and resources.

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