Busted! Prism surveillance program out of control

In Nerds only on June 7, 2013 at 9:33 am

The Guardian released two bombshell revelations regarding out-of-control US government surveillance programs.

Anyone paying attention to the post-9/11 police-state takeover of lawful governments suspected this all along.

Everything we do with Microsoft, Google, Youtube, Skype, Yahoo etc is being tapped live and indefinitely retained.

Nobody seems to know why Twitter isn’t on this list, (yet).

There is zero privacy or legal rights in the brave new world of the ‘war on terror’ police-state.

We are all ‘terrorist suspects’ now….

  1. Hopefully more information is collected and gathered than anyone could possibly track or sort through. None of this surprises me…I’m more baffled by how many people in my web circles are surprised and suddenly *outraged*. Where in the HELL have people been???

  2. Yeah.. the only thing surprising is that its come out.. 😉 The way the data is ‘mined’ is via trigger words and ‘guilt via association’.. also all this can be used retroactively .. its all about Minority Report pre-crime..

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