Can Enbridge be trusted?

In BC Polytricks on May 5, 2013 at 6:53 am

Great short documentary about the endless lies that Enbridge spins to cover up its record of destroying whole communities and the environment.

Enbridge is a major corporate criminal, ask anyone in Kalamazoo, Michigan what happened after their oil sludge pipeline ruptured.

These oil-clowns need to be shut down for good and prosecuted.

They are boardroom pirates.. a gibbet is too good for them!.. pffttt!!

  1. Oh c’mon now…I’m sure they have the peoples’ best interest at heart…they just want to bring us the energy we need to make life better…what could possibly go wrong..?
    >End Sarcasm<

  2. Ha..ha…Kalamazoo and Mayflower spring to mind.. ;o) .. Canadian tar sludge is wrecking American communities across the board ..

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