Cory Doctorow snared in DMCA censorship

In Nerds only on April 20, 2013 at 8:17 am

Cory Doctorow made the mistake of writing a book with the same title as the Fox TV show, ‘Homeland’.  Now links to his new book are being taken down by Fox.

A good example of copyright police running amok.  I really recommend his book ‘Little Brother‘.

Here Cory is talking about where Orwell got it wrong in with Big Brother.. ;o)

Ironically the book ‘Homeland‘ is about a near-future dystopia where the fight against censorship and oppression has grown sinister.. ;o)

Cory is an open internet campaigner and puts his money where his mouth is.  All his books are available for free download.

So its really a travesty that he is being victimized by the corporate copyright police.

I liked Cory’s reaction to Fox censorship of his new book.. “BRING ME THE SEVERED HEAD OF RUPERT MURDOCH!” he thundered… ;o)


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