Who is afraid of the Open Access Manifesto?

In Nerds only on March 26, 2013 at 12:55 pm

Jeremy Hammond’s lawyer released a statement from him regarding the untimely death of Aaron Swartz and the criminalization of dissent.

Hammond is facing life in jail for hacking Stratfor Corporation.

The release of Stratfor emails revealed the sleazy corruption and hypocrisy of the corporatized surveillance-state.

In his statement Hammond accuses the state of persecuting Aaron Swartz to death because of his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto.

In this manifesto Swartz called for information freedom, saying that information behind a paywall was privileged information that stunted knowledge for all.

Here is a video of his manifesto.

Hammond comments that .. “Aaron’s case is part of the recent aggressive, politically-motivated expansion of computer crime law where hackers and activists are increasingly criminalized because of alleged “cyber-terrorist” threats.. ”

Hammond also notes that ..”federally-contracted private corporations openly recruit hackers to develop defensive and offensive capabilities and build Orwellian digital surveillance networks, designed not to enhance national security but to advance U.S. imperialism.. ”

Its clear to me that Hammond and Swartz stand accused of thought-crime.

The real cyber-criminals are the corporatized thought-police.


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