OTR on Instant Messaging or Android

In Nerds only on March 24, 2013 at 11:28 am

OTR, (Off the Record) is an  encryption method that bypasses limitations PGP-type, public/private key encryption methods.

Its considered an improvement over PGP since its impossible to verify the participants or content of the messages.

There is no private key that can be bullied out of the user to decrypt the message.   Its available for Instant Messaging and Android text messaging.

Open WhisperSystems has produced a OTR text messaging encryption app for Android called TextSecure.

For Instant Messaging, OTR is available via Pidgin or in the Tor Browser Bundle I blogged about yesterday.

There is a great anonymous remailer called Mixminion, and an anonymous remailer server has been raided in the past.

Ironically this didn’t do anything to compromise the security of the users since multiple nodes are used to send anonymous mail this way.

BTW.. web-based anonymous email services can hardly be expected to respect your privacy.

Better yet to use the Claws email client that comes bundled with the Tails bootable operating system… ;o)


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