Does your computer have a hard drive?

In Nerds only on March 22, 2013 at 9:56 am

Sounds like a dumb question but Jacob Applebaum travels without one.  This is because our hard drives contain a treasure trove of information.

Not having a hard drive means nobody can take that information from us.  One method is to use a bootable USB stick as a removable hard drive, (which can be stored safely away from your computer).

Tails is a handy bootable operating system that contains many counter surveillance software tools to help secure your computer.  For example it has a screen-keypad that you can enter your password with a mouse thereby defeating keystroke-loggers.

Putting Tails on a non-rewritable CD and booting from that would make loading spyware impossible. (apologies for the ads.. gak)

Another way is to encrypt your hard drive.  While not totally foolproof it removes one from the low-hanging fruit category.

Using a bootable USB stick operating system for only one online task like banking is a good idea.  Only plug in the stick when doing banking and then take it out of the computer and store it safely.

Unfortunately our rights and privacy are not guaranteed online.  Its good to know we can do something about that… ;o)


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