Securing your personal tracking device

In Nerds only on March 21, 2013 at 10:29 am

Jacob Applebaum has called cell phones ‘your personal tracking device’.  He should know since having three of his cell phone seized by federal agents and never returned.

Hell he isn’t even legally allowed to discuss what happened to his phones!

Jacob Applebaum gave a very interesting talk to Occupy New York about how to secure your life online from unlawful surveillance from the state.

Its a long talk but well worth listening closely to what he is telling us.  (Part two of this talk describes the practical means of securing your life online).

I don’t want to be a hand-wringing gloomazoid so I’m going to be blogging about the practical suggestions Jake makes to secure your life online.

One of the Android apps he suggested is RedPhone.  This app encrypts your VoIP calls allowing encrypted calling between any user with the RedPhone app installed on their phone.

Its great that this app has gone open source, that inspires some confidence.  While not foolproof it would thwart most of the egregiously gratuitous spying software that is being used unlawfully against us.



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