Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?

In Polytricks on March 20, 2013 at 3:32 pm

This is the title of Noam Chomsky’s latest essay.  In it he asks the question whether we can survive the corporate elites denial of global warming.

Of course ‘capitalism’ is shorthand for corporate control over everything.

‘True’ capitalism has long been pushed out of the nest by greedy, aggressive corporate carpetbaggers and banksters.

These pretend-capitalists have gleefully consumed all the public lands, public interests and public money they can get their hands on.

Here is Chomsky describing how ‘capitalism’ and ‘democracy’ are really just marketing terms used to confused and deceive the voter/consumer into ‘buying’ a product they neither want or need.

Problem is that the ‘ism-schism’ isn’t really the answer.. we don’t need communism or capitalism.

In this video Chomsky says that what appears to be opposite dogmas are actually ideological revolving-doors for the sociopaths that make up our leadership.

The corporate elite believe they are entitled bullshit and propagandise us into doing things their way… and all the while.. doing things their way is leading us into the abyss.. ;o)



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