China’s Ghost Cities

In Polytricks on March 18, 2013 at 8:58 am

A rough estimate is that there are 60 million empty apartments for sale in China.   China has been building ‘ghost cities’ for years now.

What is going to happen when the China’s housing bubble bursts?  I’m guessing its going to make the crash in Cyprus look like a picnic.

The world economy was crashed by the US housing bubble.  Its becoming increasingly uncertain whether the world economy will recover from these losses.

We seem to be lurching from one financial crisis to the next.  Nobody in our (mis)Leadership seems to have the will to fix this mess that the banksters got us into.

If/when China goes down it may prove to be fatal to the whole world economy.

Someone in the Chinese leadership knows that the world economy is headed into the toilet because they have been implementing a program of converting their $3 trillion US debt into gold.

This means that China gets to decide  how long the US gets to be the ‘reserve currency’ of the world.

My guess is when the China bubble bursts its going to take a huge chunk of the US economy down with it.





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