Government spying out of control

In Nerds only, Polytricks on March 16, 2013 at 10:59 am

CitizenLab out of U of T released a report saying that it had found FinFisher spyware on Canadian and US servers as well as servers in 23 other countries around the world, some of them notoriously repressive regimes.  What is FinFisher used for?

Well Gamma International says that its spy-software is for finding ‘criminals’ but its used by governments around the world to unlawfully spy on their citizens.

Gamma says that it ‘only’ sells its software to government so who would the Canadian government be spying on?  The HOG (Harper Occupation Government) has been open about using the national security apparatus to spy on Native Nations and ‘radical environmentalists‘.

The Toronto web hosting service says that it was totally unaware that FinFisher had infected its servers and will demand its removal  when it figures out which of its ‘customers’ unlawfully installed it.

Meanwhile its clearly a heads-up that we are all being unlawfully spied upon.

Wikileaks blew the whistle on the widespread use  FinFisher on the public.  Here is Julian Assange warning of how the new spying tools don’t just target individuals but whole nations.

The idea being to store everyone’s digital data for future ‘use’…  Assange calls it the ‘weaponizing’ of the internet.. and invasive like having a tank in your bedroom… ;o)

Its well worth listening to what Assange is trying to tell us in this video… ;o)


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