Millions sue Monsanto for bio-piracy

In Polytricks on March 15, 2013 at 9:40 am

Universally loathed and hated Monsanto is being sued for bio-piracy by India, Brazil, Peru and Hungary.  In legal gymnastics eerily reminiscent of the copyright troll extortion tactics, Monsanto claims 2 % royalty on the retail value of the crops grown from its GMO seed.

Now 5 million Brazilian farmers have had enough and are now suing Monsanto for $7.7 billion.

Monsanto is your classic evil corporate pirate.  It has successfully corrupted the political and legal system to poison us with their filthy GMO foods.

These kind of corporations have to be banned, and sued into bankruptcy.

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    Imagine God, as Monsanto: Would you praise god then? Nobody should play God!

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