Google cracks down

In Nerds only on March 14, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Google isn’t making any friends on the internet this morning by abruptly announcing that Google Reader is being ‘retired’.  It also has made Android users irate by censoring ad-blocking apps from Google Play.

My feeling is that Google is showing its real face.  Its the 800lb Internet Gorilla in the room.  It makes billions of dollars a year by cravenly selling our personal information to advertisers.

Its just as bogus a business model as Fakebook.

What irks me is that you can’t even get into Google Play without having a Gmail address.

Then there are those annoying nag-ware screens prompting one to put ones ‘real name’ into Youtube to see a video.

For Android users there is hope however since there is an open source repository on F-Droid where you can download and install ad-blocking apps.  You can still root your Android, something Windoze users can’t.

I’ve had enough of Google’s disrespect of our privacy and mania for control over the web.

I’m voting with my feet and migrating away from their software and creepy control issues… ;o)


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