DefCAD challenges copyright control

In Nerds only on March 12, 2013 at 12:21 pm

Texan gunsmith and law student Cody Wilson caused a stir when he released a Youtube video showing how to modify weapons using 3 D Printers.

Now he has upped the ante by calling for a copyright-free manufacturing revolution.  Open source 3 D plans distributed by bitTorrents and funded by bitCoins no less.

The emphasis on gun modification makes me uneasy, but I like where he is going with the rejection of the copyright control and the need for anonymous currency.  Copyright laws have become corporate extortion.  3 D printers will be cheap enough soon to make neighbourhood manufacturing feasible.

Will 3 D printers bring about the same online wars and revolutions that the internet brought to the music and movie corporations?  I would say that the gauntlet has been thrown down.. the reaction from the corporate elite is going to be predictable.. ;o)


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