Mickeysoft taken to the cleaners by EU

In Humour, Nerds only on March 7, 2013 at 7:22 am

Mickeysoft is getting an ass-kicking from the EU over the browser wars.  It was mandated by EU laws to give its European customers the choice of browser.  Mysteriously on Windoze 7 the mandated choice failed to appear.  Resulting in a nearly billion dollar fine.

I guess Mickeysoft is going to have to think again about trying to bullying the Europeans.  This is just the latest huge fine Mickeysoft has incurred doing business in Europe.  Shows a really slow learning-curve for the conceited corporation… ;o)

These shenanigans are all the more tawdry given that Internet Explorer is the worst browser on the market.  How badly does IE suck?  Well it sucks so bad that it started its own internet meme.

This meme proved to be enough of an embarrassment to Mickeysoft that they even tried running a commercial saying that IE sucked ‘less’..

What?.. that is so pathetically Mickeysoft .. trying to out-meme a meme… ;o)

and oh yeah.. we don’t like being characterized as “Microsoft haters” just because we aren’t slack-jawed, brain-dead, Windoze fanbois… ;o)


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