Is honesty the best policy?

In Polytricks on March 1, 2013 at 9:51 am

Great article in The Guardian about the lies that run our world.  Honesty isn’t the best policy, just ask whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning or Julian Assange where telling the truth got them.  Meanwhile liars like Lance Armstrong or George Bush  remain wealthy and untouchable.

Richard Nixon showed how you can lie your face off and then rehabilitate your image so that when it comes time to die you can be lionized as a ‘great man’.

Sure Lance Armstrong is now being sued by the USG over lying over taking drugs to win the Tour de France but after all the fines are paid up he still will be a wealthy man.  Here is Lance repeatedly lying his face off.

Bradley Manning did nothing that Daniel Ellsberg didn’t do yet Manning is being crucified.  Manning recently stated in court that he was prompted to lead the infamous slaughter video in down-town Baghdad because of how the children in that attack were refused medical treatment.

I feel its important to remember that Reuters had gone to court to get information about why their camera crew were slaughtered by Apache helicopters.  They were repeatedly denied information so Manning leaked the video.  Here is a video which actually reports on what Manning said to the court yesterday, proving without doubt that this travesty is a political show trial.

To date nobody who committed the war crimes on 12th July in Baghdad has been prosecuted or even reprimanded but Manning and Assange’s lives have been ruined for telling the truth about the Iraq War.  So I would say that in this world liars prosper and those with the courage to tell truth to power go to the wall…


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