Hype and Hypocrisy at the Oscars

In Humour on February 28, 2013 at 8:21 am

Sure there is a lot of muttering about Seth MacFarlane’s tasteless comedy at the Oscars.  Hello?.. they hired Seth to do the show, what were they thinking?… ha..ha.ha.. Sure he ‘Family Guy’ed’ the Oscars.

The video below offended a lot of people in Hollyweird.  What hypocrites.  Hollyweird has been getting fat selling sex and violence for decades and Seth can’t have a little fun pointing that out?.. ;o)

What I really enjoyed was the video below.. “We Saw your Junk” spoof video uploaded to Youtube after all the foofaraw about Seth’s poor taste .. I think its funnier than the original..

Best thing about Oscar night was Jennifer Lawrence.  She is the Best!

  1. Jennifer Lawrence was adorable, I loved it, but you can tell those women who were shown while Seth MacFarlane was singing all knew the camera was going to cut to them and knew the words of the song. So it wasn’t spontaneous but totally awesome nonetheless. Seth MacFarlane is my hero! I agree about the hypocrisy.

  2. Yeah.. Jennifer Lawrence was the best thing about the Oscars that night.. I’m a big fan of Seth MacFarlane too but I feel they should bring back Ricky Gervais.. ha..ha..ha… they are so phony in La-La Land they should call it HipocracyWood…ha..ha.ha..

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