Linus Torvalds blows his stack over Mickysoft chicanery

In Nerds only on February 27, 2013 at 8:22 am

As guardian of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds has been asked to modify it to bring it in line with UEFI.  To which Torvalds replied that he will not change Linux to ‘deep-throat Microsoft‘.  Why the profanity and hostility?

Well Mickeysoft has been caught trying to use UEFI to block users from installing other operating systems on their new computers.  In some cases trying to load Linux on their new laptops has bricked the motherboard.

In my opinion Mickeysoft is a cancer.  Its whole business model is a fraud.  Its managed to infect the whole planet.

It has a long history of attempting to corner the market and install its crap software on our computers.


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