Hanford nuclear waste tanks ‘leaking’

In Polytricks on February 26, 2013 at 9:21 am

The governor of Washington State had to admit that highly contaminated nuclear waste water is and has been leaking from storage tanks at the US’s oldest nuclear waste dump.  The good news?  The ‘experts’ say that there is no ‘risk’.. for now….

Weren’t these the same ‘experts’ who claimed that nuclear waste could be ‘safely’ stored in the first place?  And if there is no ‘risk’ for now what about later and how much later given that nuclear waste is dangerous for thousands of years.  Here is Dr. Helen Caldicott addressing Occupy Hanford last year.


  1. Motto of public officials: Why clean up today what you can put off until tomorrow?
    It’s that idiot thinking that has already caused damage we’ll like never undo…ugh!

  2. “We are here to serve, not make ourselves happy.” Dr. Caldicott is a genius!

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