Unlocking phones ruled illegal

In Nerds only on February 22, 2013 at 9:31 am

In another move into the copyright dark ages the Librarian of Congress (why him?) ruled that unlocking cell phones is now illegal.  What is going on here?  When you buy a phone do you own it or just rent it?  If you buy something isn’t it your own property or are we being expected to give up private ownership to be copyright-slaves to the corporate elite?

Here is a link to the online White House petition to overturn this ridiculous ban.

In typical corporate fascist style the ‘copyright’ punishment if totally over the top.   $500,000 fine and or 5 years in the slammer for first time ‘offenders‘??  What planet do these corporate lawyers live on?

My question is when are the corporate banksters who crashed the world economy going to be prosecuted??


  1. […] like the petition worked.  The White House has called for the ban to be overturned.  A smack upside the head to the […]

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