“Religious Freedom” a code word?

In Polytricks on February 19, 2013 at 1:53 pm

The Harper Occupation Government (HOG) opened its Office for Religious Freedom yesterday.  This left a lot of people scratching their heads, is Canada now moving from general concern for human rights to concern only for certain religions?  Turns out that despite the baffle-gab about respect for religious rights the words themselves are conservative Evangelical Christian code-words.

Its a classic wedge-politics tactic.  Fighting against gay marriage, against women’s reproductive rights, these are the ‘religious freedoms’ that the evangelicals mean.  Fighting for religious freedom is going to mean divisive political chicanery and an attack on women’s and gay rights.

The HOG is riddled with Evangelical fundamentalists like the guy in the above video who seems to sincerely believe that the largest persecuted religious minority in the world are Christians.  What about the Tibetans in Chinese-occupied Tibet?  Will the HOG be protesting to the Peoples Republic of China about that, or will they be complaining about persecuted Christians in Iran and Egypt?

Besides, religious freedom in Canada is a fairly new phenomenon, just ask any native Canadian about what happened to their religion and culture after the Christian missionaries got a hold of them.

The HOG have no credibility when it comes to human rights of any form and I’m sure that the ‘Office of Religious Freedom’ will turn out to be an Orwellian Ministry of Truth full of fundamentalist sock-puppets, wasting the tax payers money on partisan wedge-politics.. Here is Jon Stewart on how seriously we all could take our religion.. ;o)

  1. “Kicked”
    Do you follow god@thetweetofgod on twitter?
    You two would get along.
    Did you like your second lashed eye btw?

  2. Never got into twitter (yet).. dunno what the second lashed eye was.. stay tuned.. I’m gonna blog George Carlin on God.. funny guy.. 🙂

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