Ta’Kaiya Blaney sings Earth Revolution!

In BC Polytricks, Polytricks on February 16, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Ta’Kaiya Blaney is my hero.  An 11 year old singer-activist from Sliammon First Nation.  She has been speaking out and singing her protest songs against Enbridge Pipelines and for Occupy and Idle no More.

Here is a video of her speech and protest song “Earth Revolution”, blowing away the crowd at an Idle no More protest in Vancouver this winter.

She is Harper and Enbridge’s worst nightmare.  A young passionate, articulate native person speaking and singing out against the criminality of state and corporation in the rape and plundering of our environment.

Here is her protest song against the coming oil spills on our coastal waters.

It takes a lot to move this old cynic to tears but Ta’Kaiya does it effortlessly.  She is an inspiration, just what this struggle needed to raise our hopes for the future.  Here is a CBC special on her amazing life.

Her lyrics are here.. .. yep she writes her own lyrics.

  1. This is great! She is right, we can’t just wait for them, we had been waiting for them for too long! We must make our own move to protect this earth !
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. A very impressive, articulate and gifted person, Fin. Thanks for introducing me to her.

  3. Yeah.. she is great.. I will have to do another blog on her later on since I have found more amazing video .. 🙂

  4. […]  She is a breath of fresh air and hope in a world controlled by liars and manipulators.  I have blogged about her before  and I’m not going to apologize for posting more videos of her.. ;o)  Here she is last […]

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