Too big to Jail?

In Polytricks on February 11, 2013 at 8:20 am

Matt Taibbi has being relentlessly pursuing  the banksters.  He has been called the only honest financial reporter in the whole US.  Matt has called Goldman Sachs ‘too big to jail‘.

While the government saw fit to beat up, arrest and jail thousands of Occupy Wall St. protesters there has been no meaningful prosecution of the banksters who destroyed the whole economy of the nation.  Here is Matt explaining how the scam works.

Matt also wrote an article about Bank of America called ‘Too crooked to Fail‘.  So there is plenty of evidence of criminality and reckless lawlessness on Wall St, but there is deafening silence from the Justice Dept. when it comes to actually prosecuting the banksters.

Here is Matt explaining exactly how government corruption is creating an under-class of people who can be jailed and a financial elite who cannot be jailed despite how egregious their crimes are.


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