RIAA Set For Historic 10 millionth Google URL Takedown

In Nerds only on February 6, 2013 at 8:48 am

The RIAA has issued Google its ten millionth website take-down command.  Meaning that this music corporation association has managed to censor that many web addresses.  Why? because they ‘might’ be infringing on copyright.  So eager have the copyright police been that they have issued take-down notices on their own content!

Warner Bros. had to admit in court that it issued take-down notices on content it never even looked at.  The process is clearly  being abused and outright censorship of the web is taking place at a grand scale.

Anonymous for one has had enough of this corporate piracy.  I feel that these corporations have way too much power and control over issues that have nothing to do with their financial health.

Of course Google is going along with this censorship.  Google’s hands are in as many areas of our lives as they can get.  Google is a classic example of a corporation that has stolen our privacy to sell advertising.  Google’s motto is ‘do no evil’… according to this video Google is the Evil Empire.. ;o)


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