Silk Road, the anonymous marketplace

In Nerds only on February 4, 2013 at 6:54 am

The Silk Road, the online drug emporium was in the news again today.  The Aussie police arrested a dealer for “importing a marketable quantity of a border-controlled drug”, after he ordered some ecstasy and coke from the online drug market.

The guy had a ‘vendor’s account’ on Silk Road which I’m sure must have attracted some attention.  The Aussie police said that would-be dealers on the website “could be identified by police techniques”.

Silk Road uses online anonymizers like Tor and untraceable currency like BitCoins.  So its very hard to track.  Another website called Farmers Market got busted by the Feds because they were selling their drugs with PayPal.

Governments around the world look at the so-called ‘Dark Web’ with horror.  But as the Aussie police showed, they have their own (probably illegal) tools to crack into the layers of anonymity and bust people if they have been bad boys… ;o)

  1. “Governments around the world” (e.g North Korea) and “Australian Police” are not equivalent logical types.

    The police have the same tool as anyone else – common sense, deduction and induction. They can also compel service providers to provide certain kinds of data, unlike the rest of us.

    Jes sayin’ there’s no need to be mysterious about the tools used by the Australian, or even the Canadian police. They are well known. I can’t even imagine what an ‘illegal tool’ is.



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