Apple ditches Java over security issues

In Nerds only on February 1, 2013 at 9:07 am

Apple has joined the growing list of individuals and groups ditching Java over its security issues.  The Dept. of Homeland Security still advises disabling Java, even after their latest security update.  After weeks of silence Oracle has had to publicly admit that Java has serious security issues and it has been unable to plug them.

If all this has alarm bells ringing in your head there is a simple way to turn Java off until this all gets sorted.  Here is a video of how simple it is to do. (Linux users can to turn Java off in their respective browsers.)

First developed back in 1995, Java became ubiquitous almost overnight because it allowed programmers to write one program and use it on Windows, Apple and other operating systems.  Used to be that Adobe Flash was under attack, now its Java’s turn.

One could keep one browser with Java enabled for those web sites that are trustworthy and use another flavour of browser without Java enabled for widespread web surfing.  Here is how to disable Java in Chrome’s browser.






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