Depardieu attacks Pussy Riot

In Art, Polytricks on January 31, 2013 at 9:55 am has a petition to give jailed members of the band Pussy Riot, honorary citizenship of Paris.  This is in protest of Russia giving citizenship to Gerard Depardieu, (who went on to say some pretty gratuitously defamatory things about Pussy Riot).

Russian president Vladimir Putin personally granted him Russian citizenship and in return Depardieu whitewashed Putin’s crimes against Russia and Russians.

Depardieu didn’t have to create a scene about his unwillingness to pay taxes.  I can understand that he is a shallow jack-ass.  But to attack the courageous resistance to Putin’s Pig State was unforgivable.

I’m a big fan of Voina and Pussy Riot and have blogged about their strange history in Russia.  I’m sure that Depardieu is a great actor but to be so afraid of the tax-man that you run into the arms of Putin?  That shows that Pussy Riot have more courage in their little fingers than he has in his whole over-inflated ego.


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