DNA evidence proves Polynesians got sweet potatoes from South America

In Boats on January 27, 2013 at 6:57 am

DNA taken from sweet potato samples collected by Captain Cook in Polynesia show that they came from the Andes region.  There are two distinct strains of sweet potato and it appears the Polynesians travelled to the Pacific coast of South America to get it.

The Polynesians were the greatest mariners in world history.  Their sailing craft and navigation skills were centuries ahead of anyone else.  They colonized the vast expanse of the Pacific ocean centuries before Europeans made it across the Atlantic.

So what did they trade for the sweet potato?  There is puzzling  evidence of pre-columbian chickens in the Andes region.  Conventional thinking is that domesticated chickens were unknown in the ‘new world’ before Columbus.  But when  the conquistador Pizarro reached Peru in 1532, he found that chickens were already an integral part of Incan economy and culture.

The written history of the world is very Eurocentric which has formed not only a barrier to understanding but is also distasteful because of its racist overtones.


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