Java annoying users with ‘foistware’ and security problems

In Nerds only on January 26, 2013 at 9:18 am

Java has been placed at the top of the ‘foistware’ hall of shame.  Foistware is software that is foisted upon the unwary who are trying to update their Java, Skype, Microsoft, Adobe etc. installations.

Foistware wants to install a bogus search engine on your browser or put a short cut on your desktop or even worse install an unwanted piece of software that slows down your computer by running in the background always.

Foistware annoyingly turns into ‘nagware’, software that keeps on ‘reminding’ you to upgrade yet again.  As far as I’m concerned these tactics are manipulative and poor software programming.

Java really has a lot to answer for since the Dept. of Homeland Security took the unprecedented step of advising internet users to disable Java on their computers.  Perhaps if Java should spend more time fixing the vulnerabilities in its code instead of foisting garbage software on its updates?


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