Cornel West speaks out on Martin Luther King day

In Polytricks on January 24, 2013 at 8:26 am

Cornel West objected to Barak Obama taking his oath of office on Martin Luther King’s bible.  He accused Barak Obama of sanitizing the history of racism in the US.  He attacked the failed War on Drugs and questioned why there were no Wall St. banksters in jail.  He also attacked the Drone War and called it a war crime similar to the bombing of Vietnam.

Were his objections over the top?  Is Martin Luther King’s legacy one of collective progress for the US or is that a convenient white liberal fiction?  Martin Luther King appears to be more radical politically for black Americans  than white.  Have white liberals forgotten that Martin Luther King connected militarism, capitalism and racism?

  1. I tend to stay away from politics, but there should have been more accountability from wall street during the financial crisis. Families, lives and relationships were the victims.

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