Killing the Wolf shooting the messenger?

In BC Polytricks, Polytricks on January 23, 2013 at 7:27 am

Worldwide the wolf slaughter continues without any real justification.  In Russia wolves are killed because of livestock losses but the cost of the hunt is greater than the livestock losses.  In Norway the wolf population is estimated at 25 animals but the state issued hunting permits for 12 wolves.  In Alberta and BC the government subsidizes a continuing wolf kill to ‘protect’ woodland caribou whose main threat comes from logging not wolves.

The wolf was man’s competitor a long time ago.  Our social structure is quite similar. They were the first animals that we domesticated.  Now we kill them not because they are competitors but because they remind us that our greed has consumed even the last wild spaces.  But mostly they have to die because of our hatred.

Interesting how wolves howl.. domesticated dogs just bark…

  1. Once we’re done with all the wolves, coyotes will be next.
    I’ve never even had the chance to see a wolf in the wild here because ranchers have dibs on all of our mountain land…I’d rather risk a wolf encounter than deal with the 50 million cowpatties all over the wilderness. Feel bad for the poor cows, too – they weren’t meant for steep, rocky slope climbing. Cows get hurt then ranchers blame wolves and coyotes for finishing ’em off…pfffffffft! Sucks.

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