1929 Classic video of Tall Ship Peking voyage around Cape Horn

In Boats on January 21, 2013 at 7:01 am

I was quite surprised to find Irving Johnson’s classic video on Youtube of his trip around Cape Horn on one of the last commercial tall ships.  Its the only video left showing  the harsh life (and death) of sailors working the tall ships.  Irving Johnson was a legendary sailor/adventurer and this was his first trip working the classic tall ships at sea.  He was determined to film this disappearing way of life.  Amazingly he climbed right up into the top of the rigging to film the ship taking a pounding in 100 mile an hour winds rounding Cape Horn.

This full video starts in ‘the storm of the century’ in the North Sea and shows The Peking’s trip around the Horn to Chile.  The film is 36 minutes long so if you want to cut to the chase the storms off Cape Horn start at 24:00.  He dryly narrates that when he showed the film in London to sea captains they said they had never seen a ship so awash with water to not just sink!

  1. Alas I would loved to have watched the video, but it’s disappeared !!!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the missing video Valerie.. the copyright police have struck again!.. every day over a million take-down requests (some totally bogus) are made upon Youtube.. they are ruining the internet with their garbage business models.. pffftt!!

  3. Still available on Pirate bay

  4. Ha..ha..ha.. good point!

  5. Seaport museum should be ashamed to keep this vintage film from free acces to all..the way Captain Irving wanted. holds barred…unlike the present WIMPS trying to run our country..I use the phrase ” wimp” but I have a better one I’m not allowed to use due to “political correct restrictions ” …arrrrrgh!
    Captain Christian Lint
    Owner of the uncontested Oldest operating black iron Yacht in the World ! 1893 STEAM SCHOONER “El Primero “

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