Kim Dotcom launches Mega

In Nerds only on January 20, 2013 at 9:18 am

Kim Dotcom made a big splash today launching his new encrypted cloud storage site, Mega.  The copywrong police like to characterize Kim as some kind of internet criminal.

Many others however see him as a breath of fresh air in the increasingly stale air of the copywrong police state.  Here is Kim explaining how Hollyweird and the copywrong police state have missed the whole point of the internet.

Mega, like Megaupload, allows users to store and share large files. It offers 50 gigabytes of free storage, much more than similar sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive.  The key difference is an encryption and decryption feature for data transfers that Dotcom says will protect him from the legal drama that has entangled Megaupload and threatened to put him behind bars.

For Kim the misunderstanding of the internet is fundamental.. “If someone sends something illegal in an envelope through your postal service,” he says, “you don’t shut down the post office.

The legal case against Kim Dotcom has been unravelling fast.  Kim has already received an apology from the New Zealand prime minister for illegally spying on him on behalf of the FBI.  Kim also claims that the files being used against him in his legal problems with Hollyweird were files he was requested to retain by the FBI.

Sure looks like they tried to set him up like a street corner crook.  I hope that Kim wins big against the crooks in Hollyweird and corrupt law enforcement  that are backing them up.


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