Lance Armstrong proves he is a sociopath

In Polytricks on January 18, 2013 at 9:04 am

Lance Armstrong’s ‘apology’ was a masterful work of public relations.  He managed to mouth all the words of an apology without taking any real responsibility or showing any contrition for lying and cheating his way to the top of world cycling.  I expected as much from the stage-managed ‘apology’ with Oprah Winfrey.. I mean come on!.. It was a PR stunt!

Armstrong proved that he is a treacherous sociopath by lying yet again about cheating on his ‘come-back’ win in 2009.  Really?? You cheated for years but somehow we are supposed to believe that you didn’t cheat yet again in your last ‘miraculous’ win?

Another obvious lie was how all these ‘flaws’ were in the past.  Really??  So its okay to lie and cheat your way to the top of your sport if you ‘learn’ to be a decent human being eventually?  Also what does admitting to a ‘flaw’ have to do with taking personal responsibility?  Its like saying “I’m not laughing at you I’m just laughing near you”.

Armstrong was very quick to sue anybody who tried to tell the truth about his deception.  I notice that his confession comes after the statute of limitations expires on his false testimony to the authorities.  Like that other sociopath, Richard Nixon, he will no doubt spend the rest of his life trying to rewrite history.

  1. After watching the interview with Oprah, I saw a complete insincere fraud who is just trying to save what may be tiny misiscule bits of his reputation. To me, he was not at all believable. He was and always be a conceited, self-serving bully. He tried to ruin people’s reputations, knowing all along he was lying. He has no respect for people. In my opinion he is a complete narcissistic, self-serving sociopath. Forgiveness for what he did to others, by trying to take them down and sue people in the face of his lies is not a forgivable situation. I hope he has to pay millions of dollars to those he tried to slander.
    There are so many public figures who fall into the catagory of narcissistic, self-serving sociopaths. Politicians, and sports figures among the topo fornicators. We need to hol them accountable, forgiveness is not an option, for they will only repeat their incurable behaviors. Lance Armstrong’ vindictive vendettas against anyone perceived as a threat or who attempted, knowingly or unknowingly, to identify or reveal or expose him and his lies and make him accountable led to years of his extreme abusive treatment. He
    regards people as objects and playthings to be discarded they stand in the way of his lies, he displayed zero empathy and was completely without conscience, remorse and guilt…until now. Now is too late, he showed his true colors he is malicious and evil

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