Computer security firms help Third World dictatorships censor internet.

In Nerds only on January 17, 2013 at 10:42 am

Citizen Labs released a report showing how a California IT firm Blue Coat is selling technology to third world dictatorships to help spy and censor the internet.  Apparently there are no export controls on selling this technology to dictatorships.  Export bans are only in place against Iran, Syria and North Korea.  So what happens is a ‘third party’ buys the technology and sells it to banned countries.  Meaning there are zero controls over technology that undermines privacy and internet freedom around the world.

One of the startling evidence to come out of Wikileaks was the sale of FinFisher by UK IT firm Gamma International to dictatorships like Egypt and Tunisia to spy on its rebelling citizens.   I posted the Wikileaks FinFisher training videos last autumn.   They are chilling.  Use of encryption for internet privacy is bypassed by trojans with keystroke loggers.  ‘Agents’ infiltrate internet cafe’s and upload spying trojans to the computers via USB sticks.  When the state isn’t spying on you the corporate world is also spying on you for profit.  You never see these corporate or government hackers in a court accused of breaking into someone’s computer, but they are sure quick to throw the book at hactavists… pfffttt!!



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