Bank blockade stifles whistleblowers

In Polytricks on January 14, 2013 at 9:38 am

A bank blockade has almost crippled Wikileaks.  WikiLeaks has experienced an unprecedented global financial blockade by major finance companies including Mastercard, Visa and PayPal although there has not been any legal accusation of any wrongdoing..

Julian Assange said the financial blockade had destroyed 95% of WikiLeaks’ revenues.  This is a new form of censorship.  Banksters have their own reasons to fear whistleblowers.  Bankster crimes against the people remain largely unprosecuted so far.

In response to this attack on whistle-blowers and independent media the Freedom of the Press Foundation was set up to provide crowd-sourced funding.  Individuals can donate directly to the whistle-blowing and/or independent media group of their choice and Freedom of the Press Foundation will forward the money.

It won’t make up for the huge loss in revenue that Wikileaks has suffered, but its a start in fighting back against banksters deciding what we read and know about.

Julian Assange makes a startling point about centralized financial data, “If Vladimir Putin goes out and buys a coat in Moscow, 30 seconds later it is ‘known’ in Washington”.

Assange questions whether freedom of speech is in fact less important a right than freedom of financial anonymity.  He should know, just look at what happened to Wikileaks.  If you are interested his statements were made in this video at 05:20.


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