Did the Dept. of Justice do in Aaron Swartz?

In Nerds only, Polytricks on January 13, 2013 at 7:06 am

Aaron Swartz was found hanged in his apartment two days ago.  The Department of Justice officially accused him of wire fraud, computer fraud and recklessly damaging a protected computer.  He was facing 30 years in prison downloading roughly 4 million articles from JSTOR, an academic journal storage library at MIT.

He had worked all his life to free information on the internet and was irked that JSTOR charged a fee to read the digital versions of the journals without compensating any of the authors.  His hack at MIT was a protest not a crime and the charges where completely over-blown by a government hostile to internet freedom and greedily hiding public archives behind ever-increasing ‘pay-walls‘.

How many Wall St. banksters are walking free while the DoJ spent huge sums prosecuting this victimless crime?  Who approved the charges against Aaron Swartz?  Were they approved because Aaron was an effective free internet  activist?  The USA has turned into a  ‘copywrong-police-state’, where web activists are mercilessly hounded and the banksters who have gutted the whole economy for personal profit walk free.

I’m guessing that Aaron Swartz’s prosecution was politically motivated by corrupted justice officials taking their marching orders from the ever-fearful copywrong lobbyists.  My guess is the charges were payback for SOPA.  Here is a video of Aaron discussing the protest against SOPA.

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