Haiti three years after the quake

In Polytricks on January 12, 2013 at 9:30 am

Today marks the third anniversary of the biggest earthquake to hit Haiti.  The rescue effort has been staggeringly mishandled.  There are still nearly half a million Haitians living in appallingly squalid ‘camps’.  Out of the $7.5 Billion spent on ‘reconstruction’ only  $215 million has gone to building safe, permanent housing.  Life expectancy for a male Haitian has dropped from 53 years in 1990 to 32 years in 2010.

Haiti isn’t some kind of mysterious aid basket-case.  Its a country deliberately and brutally oppressed for the crime of being the world’s first independent black nation.

In 1825 France extorted an ‘indemnity’ that initially forced Haiti to pay to France 150-million-franc for the loss of sugar plantations, coffee estates and other plantations destroyed during 1804  war for independence.

This represented 10 years of revenue for Haiti.  France delivered the demands by 12 warships armed with 500 canons.  Haiti finally paid off this ‘indemnity’ in 1947.  After the earthquake France was asked to return some of money it extorted, it refused…

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