What if Natives Stop Subsidizing Canada?

In Polytricks on January 11, 2013 at 9:06 am

Great article in The Dominion by Dru Oja Jay about how Canada’s native peoples have been subsidizing the wealth of Canada for generations.  And what do they get in return?  Racist abuse and contempt.  Simple facts are that Canadian per capita spending is $15,000 versus $7,200 for Native peoples.  The Canadian government collect $ billions a year in royalties from mining, forestry and oil and gas, mostly from unceeded Native lands.

In return Native reserves get no royalties at all from resource development in their unceeded lands and wallow in appalling neglect and misery.   A glaring example of this is the Attawapiskat reserve whose chief, Theresa Spence is on hunger strike in Ottawa.  The reserve was in such bad shape that its been called “Haiti at 40 below”.  The government response?  To try and fire Chief Spence and institute a vindictive ‘audit’ of the reserve finances to discredit the leadership and the band.

All the while, right next door the De Beers conglomerate has built the Victor Diamond mine and is bringing in $ billions but the native band receives zero royalties from the project. A tiny proportion of royalties could be given to the native band to acknowledge the wealth of the land that is being taken out.  That would solve all the reserve’s housing problems overnight, but instead the native peoples are hectored and bullied about their poor ‘finances’.. pfffttt!!.  Its a shameful deception, blaming the victim has been part and parcel of the outright theft of native lands since the beginnings of “Canada”.


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