Anti-virus products work one time out of twenty

In Nerds only on January 4, 2013 at 8:31 am

Imperva, a digital security firm based in California has caused a big stink in the computer security world by releasing a study showing that popular anti-virus brands pick up malware 5% of the time.  Of course the anti-virus companies are downplaying the study.   The problem is that ‘low-key’ malware are slipping through the scans and malware designers are writing their code to bypass known anti-virus software detection methods.  Meaning that malware detection rates are quite low.

Malware are big business these days, and its all about the money.  Mostly malware are designed to pick the low-hanging fruit, Facebook users, Internet Explorer users,  Windows users, etc.  Why design malware to attack difficult targets when there are so many open doors?  So does anti-virus software work?  Yes they do pick up ‘known’ malware, they do scan for suspicious file changes on your computer, but is that enough these days?

Given that there are seriously well written programs out there to harvest the low-hanging fruit it makes sense to me to do more than just rely on anti-virus software.  Change operating system from Mickeysoft Windoze to lower your profile.  If online gaming is your thing, then you are stuck with Windoze and gaming consoles.    You may ‘have’ to use Windoze but you don’t have to use its compromised browser, Internet Explorer.  If you ‘have’ to be on Fazebook it would be smarter not to access it with Windoze.  If you ‘have’ to do banking, or Paypal or Visa online try putting a bootable operating system like Linux on a removable medium like USB drive.   Then log out and remove the USB stick after doing your online financial work.


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