NAFTA protection racket continues to rob Canadian taxpayers

In Polytricks on January 3, 2013 at 10:02 am

Its been two decades now and NAFTA continues to shovel Canadian taxpayers money into international corporate coffers.  NAFTA’s nasty scam centred around a provision known as ‘investor-state’ enforcement.  This allows corporations to sue nations privately outside the national court system.

This works to shovel taxpayer money right into corporate coffers without any real legal recourse for the taxpayers involved.  “Trade deals” like NAFTA always were about setting up extra-national, quasi-legal tribunals where international corporations could shake down nations for taxpayer money without having to appear in a real court and plead a real case.

The AbitibiBowater “Chapter 11ed”  Newfoundland under NAFTA in 2007 and sued for $137 million and won.  But it won even before even proving its ‘case’ because the Harper Occupation government handed over the taxpayer money without even allowing for the phoney process to come to completion.  Not only that but AbitibiBowater won a Supreme Court judgement allowing it to walk away from its environmental clean-up costs too.

Eli Lilly recently filed a challenge under NAFTA and is demanding $100 million in compensation because Canadian courts invalidated its patent for the Strattera attention deficit disorder medication.  So what Eli Lilly is doing is using secret tribunals to overturn Canadian court decisions.  The arrogance and greed is staggering.  In 2011 Quebec put a moratorium on fracking under the St. Lawrence River.  But Lone Pine Resources, a US based corporation sued Canada under NAFTA for $250 million.  So much for national sovereignty.


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