In Memoriam: Hunter Stockton Thompson

In Polytricks on December 29, 2012 at 9:00 am

Its been seven years since Hunter S. Thompson died.  I still feel bad about it.  Its not that he obviously had a lot more to write about.  Its also about the strange circumstances of his death.  He allegedly shot himself in the head with a  .45 calibre semi-automatic handgun but his son in the next room ‘mistook’ the gunshot for the sound of a book falling, and “continued with their activities for a few minutes before checking on him.”

What?  How do you miss the sound of a .45 being fired in the next room?

Hunter Thompson died a month after George Bush’s second inauguration.  Hunter of course had nothing good to say about George Bush, in fact he said that he would have rather voted for Nixon rather than Bush.  In his last published essay he said.. ““every GOP administration since 1952 has let the military-industrial complex loot the Treasury and plunge the nation into debt on the excuse of a wartime economic emergency… ”

Americans really needed him for that last Bush term in office.  Were they robbed?


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