FBI considers Occupy Movement a terrorist threat

In Polytricks on December 28, 2012 at 9:02 am

Despite their repeatedly stated non-violent stance, the FBI thinks of Occupy as a terrorist threat.  Kinda tells you all you need to know about the national security state thinking these days.  Even constitutionally protected protest is viewed as ‘terrorism’.  And what about all the resources put into spying on the Occupy movement?  Wouldn’t that be taking resources away from finding ‘real’ terrorists?

Turns out that the FBI was warning the Wall St. Stock Exchange a month before the Occupy movement even took place.  This shows that lawful civil movements are under surveillance on behalf of corporate interests.  It also shows that the national security state clearly sees its job as protecting banksters and corporate crooks from the legitimate outrage of the defrauded citizenry.

Interesting to note that thousands of Occupy protesters have been arrested, beaten up, jailed and traumatized while almost none of the banksters and corporate thieves have even been indicted let alone prosecuted for their theft on a grand scale.  Then there is the issue of the suspiciously coordinated police shut-down of all Occupy protest sites….

This is a classic example of lost opportunity.  A State could take heed of non-violent protest as a timely heads-up to bring justice to a badly corrupt government.  But instead governments invariably use violence and repression leading inevitably to violent resistance.  So who are the real ‘terrorists’ then?




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