European weather forecast models predicted Hurricane Sandy first

In Weather on December 27, 2012 at 8:13 am

While the US weather models were predicting Hurricane Sandy was going to move out to sea the European model showed a bullseye on New York.  This happened because the Europeans have more accurate forecast models.  They have the funding and larger computers.  Another crucial factor affecting accuracy of the forecast models is delays in launching a new pole to pole weather satellite. The ECMWF predicted the storm would hit New York 8 days before it did.

The ECMWF (European model) is considered the gold standard in weather forecasting but its proprietary and expensive.  The US model (GFS) is lagging badly behind other national weather prediction models.  With the anticipated increase in destructive weather ‘events’ nobody can afford to fall behind in this area.  Here is a humorous video about weather prediction models.. ;o)




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