Lance Armstrong sued again

In Polytricks on December 24, 2012 at 10:08 am

Lance Armstrong is getting sued again, this time by the Sunday Times.  Before you feel sorry for him remember that he sued the Sunday Times for libel 8 years ago and won a half million dollar settlement.  Since then he has been found guilty of running “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”

But this isn’t the only organization that Lance sued to keep his cheating secret.  He also sued insurance company SCA Promotions when it withheld $5 million in ‘performance bonus’ due to the ever increasing doping scandal swirling around him.  Now SCA Promotions is suing him to get that money back.

Lance Armstrong is not a nice guy.  He bullied and threatened anyone who didn’t buy into his lies and cheating.  Now he is known as “the worst cheat in the world of sport“, (he is also been called a cynic and hypocrite.)

I never liked him because he seemed to typify the dark side of the American psyche.  Being friends with George Bush just made him look worse.  But what makes Lance Armstrong the most un-likeable is the way he is defiantly unrepentant despite overwhelming evidence of his deceit.

Now all these lawsuits may cost him a few million bucks but his fortune is made and intact despite losing his cancer foundation and corporate sponsors.  He may get sued but I doubt if he will be charged with perjury. George Carlin saw right through him, so I will let him have the last word.. ;o)

  1. […] Armstrong was very quick to sue anybody who tried to tell the truth about his deception.  I notice that his confession comes after the statute of limitations expires on his false testimony to the authorities.  Like that other sociopath, Richard Nixon, he will no doubt spend the rest of his life trying to rewrite history. […]

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