Remembering the 176 children murdered by US Drones

In Polytricks on December 23, 2012 at 7:38 am

The horrifying murder of  20 children in Newtown, Connecticut shocked the world and will perhaps even bring about changes in US gun laws.  But the murder of 176 children in Pakistan and Yemen by US drones elicits very little comment or outrage in the West.  In Pakistan it is a huge issue producing fury and deep resentment but that also is ignored in the West.

The Drone War continues its slaughter of innocents.  Some may be offended by the comparison but isn’t the deliberate murder of just one child a heinous crime?

This drone execution policy is clearly a war crime.  It violates almost every international and national law governing Habeas corpus and human rights.  No war has been declared against Pakistan so under what rules does the  USG act as judge, jury and executioner?

Drone attacks have been documented to attack wedding parties in the hopes of killing ‘terrorist suspects’.  Then the following funerals are also targeted to harvest ‘additional suspects’.  This drone policy has destroyed America’s credibility in the war on terror.

Nobody is safe on this planet if this kind of arbitrary drone warfare becomes the norm.


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