Drug War very successful for elites

In Polytricks on December 22, 2012 at 11:46 am

Interesting article in Asia Times Online about how well the War on Drugs is working out for the ruling elite.   The raw fact is that the War on Drugs is making some corporations very, very rich.  So the waste of billions of tax payer dollars and tens of thousands of lives is ‘worth it’ for the ruling elite.  The real profits of the drug trade end up in the hands of crooked banksters .

Drug profits are also helping the banksters get very, very rich.  Recently HSBC was fined $2 billion for laundering drug money.   The corporate media spins drug money laundering as “lapses”, pathetically understating their crucial role enabling the War on Drugs.  Simply put, drug cartels would be totally undermined if they couldn’t find a place to launder their cash.  So Banksters are a crucial part of making the War on Drugs so successful for elites.

The above AToL article makes the point that the War on Drugs is also a class war.  What class of people are being killed?  What class of people are getting rich?  As I posted before, Mexico and Columbia, two countries where waging the War on Drugs is bringing in billions of US tax payer money, just happen to have lots of oil.  Creating a nasty, violent drug/class war helps distracting the people while you steal their oil.  Here is George Carlin’s suggestions to stop drug money laundering in the US…  ;o)


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