Chinese corporations don’t hire locals

In BC Polytricks on December 17, 2012 at 10:53 am

An American academic is calling the Canadian government, stupid and naive for allowing Chinese state corporations to take over local businesses in BC and elsewhere in Canada.  He says that the Chinese state corporations have a long history of importing their own workers on projects overseas for cost and security reasons.  This is happening all over Africa and Asia and now Canada.  So courting Chinese state corporations to invest in Canada actually undermines employment.  Are governments federally and provincially so desperate for investment money as to sell their voters down the river like this?  I guess this desperate race to the bottom speaks volumes as to the real state of the local and global economy.

The situation has got so extreme that even ‘temporary’ Chinese workers are suing local unions for complaining about how they are taking local jobs.   The ‘temporary worker program’ is a knife in the back of the local unemployed.  This is how badly we are losing the class war.  Foreign corporations now have more rights than local citizens.  There is only one way that this can be turned around.  National laws have to be passed banning corporate rights over national rights and the public good.


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