Drug War benefits foreign corporate investment in Mexico and Columbia

In Polytricks on December 16, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Startling article by Dawn Paley about how the War on Drugs in Columbia and Mexico clearly appears to benefit foreign corporate investment.  Both Columbia and Mexico have a lot of oil and gas reserves.  Both countries had national control over their oil supplies and have indigenous groups living on those reserves.  Enter the War on Drugs in the form of Plan Columbia and the Mérida Initiative (aka, Plan Mexico).  In comes huge foreign corporate investment which undermines the national economy while simultaneously there suddenly is a staggering increase in violence resulting in the destabilization of civil society.

Sound familiar?  Well its the Shock Doctrine all over again.  In order to institute changes to national civil society a ‘crisis’ needs to be created in order to more easily ram unpopular neoliberal policies down the populations throat.  Its clear that the War on Drugs will help multi-national corporations get their hands on the national economies of Columbia and Mexico and all those lovely oil and gas reserves.  The violence is a key ingredient in the shock to civil society.  It also explains why the War on Drugs will never end.  Its a key ingredient in the Shock Doctrine.



  1. […] two countries where waging the War on Drugs is bringing in billions of US tax payer money, just happen to have lots of oil.  Creating a nasty, violent drug/class war helps distracting the people while you steal their oil. […]

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